Cat Sitting

PERSONAL PET AU PAIR offers a very personal service to our clients and their cats. We get to know all of our clients, whether we have been to their homes just once or several times. We pay special attention to every detail regarding feeding, behavior, and playtime preferences.

At PERSONAL PET AU PAIR, we specialize in providing detailed care in multi-cat households, which includes giving individual cats different foods and particular medications, in specific locations of the home, as necessary, so that the animals' daily routines are not disrupted and care is not sacrificed.

We give particular attention, patience, and understanding to special needs cats, including shy, senior and those with health challenges and disabilities.

We pay close attention to changes in behavior, appetite, litter box habits, and interaction with other animals in the home.

    In your absence, your cat(s) deserve the best personal attention available, and PERSONAL PET AU PAIR knows how to properly take care of your cat while you're away.
    Cats dislike breaks in their routine or changes of environment. In home visits by an experienced professional minimize the stress your cat(s) would otherwise experience while you are away.
    You never have to impose on a friend, neighbor or relative.
    Daily visits give you peace of mind. Remember, cats can't dial 911 in case of an emergency related to his/her health or the condition of your apartment or home.
    Personal Pet Au Pair contributes to your security by giving your home a "lived-in" appearance. We are happy to take in newspapers and mail, turn lights on and off, and open and close shades and curtains.
    We also provide additional services such as watering your plants and receiving special deliveries at no extra charge.
Cat sitting services are 30 minutes in length. Each visit includes feeding, fresh water, litter scooping, playtime, petting, & brushing (if kitty is social and willing), mail retrieval, and peace of mind (for both you and your cats).